【Starlight Stage】Deresute Ultimate Teams Tier List(2020/05)


Hi there, I’m KKEiO, a Deresute blogger with a Chinese-speaking audience. I recently made a tier list which has received positive feedback from the CN community. This is an English version and I hope you find it useful.



Act cards are insane in songs with a lot of special notes (threshold is ~30% to outscore Concentration), a lot of recent event songs are designed for a specific type of Act cards. F-Act, in particular, works very well in a lot of older Master+ songs (before slide note was invented) for getting PRP. Moreover, S-Act/H-Act are crucial for getting high PRP in Smart Live.

How teams are rated:

    • Normal live, max support of 113290, All Type Lv30 Master+ song
    • ()= Theoretical max score (in tens of thousands) according to derecalc
    • Resonance teams 25 appeal + 10 skill potentials, other teams 30 appeal + 5 skill potentials.

Resonance: Only one appeal counts, but all skills can stack

The advent of Resonance totally re-invented the meta: From relying on a strong COMBO Bonus and a PERFECT bonus to carry, into stacking a lot of weaker hybrid cards. The yield from stacking the skills is extremely high, so hybrid skills have become a lot more valuable these days. Right now, resonance teams are used by all leaderboard rankers.

The scores from resonance teams are highly sensitive to song duration, there’s a large amount of fluctuation (+-100k) between songs of the same difficulty. Here, we take an average case scenario.

Teams are composed for use in All Type songs. For the mono-compatible teams, use Unison as centre when playing mono songs for an extra 5% bonus appeal and select guest accordingly.


SS Tier:4+1 Synergy(200)

  • Without Guest
  • Mono Songs (Pa only)
  • + No need to hold Resonance yourself

Only 1 possible composition available (another one depending on whether future 11s Symphony is Co or not). This team is extremely fringe compared to the one below, but it edges ahead marginally in most MAS+ songs, which is enough reason to sell your kidneys for.

Synergy has the highest combined C x P bonus so is essential to this comp. Given that the P bonus of Resonance depends on one combined appeal (47000=25%), this team also needs to be biased towards that appeal. Synergy becomes even more important.

Unlike traditional teams, the requirement for having the same timer is of the utmost importance: Consider the coverage of Symphony (64-69%) isn’t as high as SB, a lot of gains can be found from simultaneous skill activation. Furthermore, C bonus and P bonus are multiplied, so the total bonus of this team can reach a whopping 222% when all 5 skills stack together. This is also the reason why we need a duped Lv80 Synergy, the benefit far outweighs losing 5000 appeal.

The biggest problem of Fes Mio is the Medium Probability, every 3 songs you would have 2 missed skill activations and each time it results in a 15k reduction in score.

SS Tier:Tricolour Resonance α(199)

  • Without Guest △  (replace duped Synegy)
  • Mono Songs

Much more common and easy to get Resonance team.

Total bonus is a massive 240%, but in the current patch we don’t have 9s Resonance cards (yet), so the best we can do now is 4 x 9s. (11s Resonance is a teeny bit better than 7s). Although not optimal, it isn’t detrimental here either. In the future, this team can be upgraded to five-stack.

If you don’t have 特訓前 Synergy, just use another Synergy card which is about 50k lower in score. Using a second Coordinate is also viable, but it’s only A+ tier.

SS Tier: Tricolour Resonance β(198)

  • Without Guest
  • Mono Songs ✗
  • + No need to hold Resonance yourself

Another way of making top tier Resonance team is to use Gen 1 Fes Mio as the Centre to obtain 5 x 9s stacking, and get Resonance from a guest. 18% C bonus is not the optimal skill to have, so this team only has 220% max bonus, but the 5 stack mostly offsets this disadvantage. Overall it’s just a tiny (I mean really tiny) bit weaker than α team but can somehow outscore it in certain Lv29 songs such as リトルリドル.

SS Tier: Mono Alternate(193)

  • Without Guest
  • Mono Songs ✓
  • -Concentration
  • -Medium Probability*

*Caveat is you can rarely get all 5 to not miss activations in 1 song

Finally, with the advent (re-print) of 6 Med C Bonus card, this traditional 2P2C team can finally defeat the best resonance team in Passion songs, and comes within striking distance in All-type songs.

Alternate is a very weird skill, the -20% C bonus debuff means it can’t be used in resonance teams due to stacking. However, in a traditional team the debuff doesn’t activate when another C bonus skill also activates (because only the highest C bonus applies, 18% > -20%). On the other hand, Alternate basically repeats the strongest P bonus with a 1.5x multiplier, so you can simply view it as an 33% P bonus card here. Not using Concentration will hurt this team by A LOT.

There are many viable alternative comps as long as you keep the Unison + Concentration + Alternate triple-core. For positions 4&5 you generally want to work on the C bonus side.

Princess + C Bonus (192)
All Round + Life Sparkle (189)
Act + C Bonus (184-188)
Coordinate + C Bonus (187)
Healer + Life Sparkle (184)

They all yield very similar scores so it’s really easy to make a ‘good enough’ team using Alternate. Surprisingly the Act cards aren’t nearly as strong here. You pretty much need the song to have >40% special note to make it worthwhile.

S Tier: Mono Resonance(192)

  • Without Guest △  (replace Focus)
  • Mono Songs
  • -Concentration

Basically the same resonance concept applies here, Princess > Coordinate  > Concentration are the best in terms of total bonus in mono teams. Unison is a must as it gives a 50% boost to other skills. The max bonus of this team is 222% but it’s significantly lower in total appeal, hence only S tier.

Given that it’s unlikely we’ll see new Princess cards in the future, this is as strong as it can get. A big prerequisite is to be able to AP using Concentration, so if you can’t do it, you have to use a normal P bonus card which will lead to a big reduction in score.

S Tier: Tricolour Alternate(192)

  • Without Guest ✓     
  • Mono Songs

Tricolour comp using Alternate. Luckily the 6s Sachiko is the (only) perfect partner for Nagi in a Da team which will completely eliminate her debuff.

In this team, Resonance can get up to 23% P bonus, so Alternate becomes a 35% P bonus. Boosted by Symphony, you get 52% P bonus.

This is the strongest non-resonance team comp that doesn’t require Concentration. I also believe it’s the strongest in Groove/Parade/Carnival events as you don’t have to swap out members unlike resonance teams.

A Tier: Double Synergy(182)

  • Without Guest
  • Mono Songs

Classic tricolour team improved with Symphony. Resonance(Motif) is used here as a pure P bonus card, you can reach up to 25% P bonus.

A Tier: Princess-Unison(180)

  • Without Guest ✓     
  • Mono Songs
  • -Concentration

Easy to obtain, a very strong mainstream team comp. Right now you can easily get gold trophies with if you can FC the M+ event song. Although not as important here, it’s still better to have your Concentration and Life Sparkle activate simultaneously with Unison.

Given that NewGen Princesses have the highest appeal, they are the go-to cards. 11 Med Concentration is the best with their high coverage and 22% P bonus. For Life Sparkle simply pick one that matches your Unison’s timer.

Generally 11s>9s>7s dues to small differences in coverage.

Concentration can be replaced by Overload or standard P bonus, but that would send this team to the B tier.

B Tier: Triple Synergy(175)

  • Without Guest
  • Mono Songs ✗

Used to be the strongest team in early 2k19 with Skill Boost, now not even A tier with Symphony. This is the best demonstration of how much power level has inflated in this game over the past year. Nowadays, you use this team to flex your Synergy cards and show off the highest possible appeal of 381,723.

B/C Tier: Skill Boost Teams

Basically all of the above teams but use Skill Boost for Unison/Symphony. It’s just sad that Skill Boost is now completely trash (besides use in AFK teams)